Flying in San Giuliano

Flying Area
San Giuliano Terme

Is a delightful town in the Tuscan outback surrounded by lush nature. It is located under the slopes of the Monti Pisani chain in a favorable geographical position less than 15 minutes from Pisa and not far from Lucca. The configuration of the area fully fits all the requirements needed to have a good paragliding flight from the first to the end hours of the day. The flight is very easy and safe.

Foreign pilots

Pilots from abroad are always more than welcome in San Giuliano. We strongly believe that sharing flying experiences is a benefit for everyone.

How to reach it

The flying area is easily reachable from every part of Europe thanks to its strategic position and efficient connections. It is just a few kilometers from the Pisa “Galileo Galilei” international airport and well connected by roads and motorways. The landing can easily be reached:

  1. by car
  2. by train from both Pisa and Lucca station. The stop is at the San Giuliano Terme railway station. Once arrived at the station the landing is about 1 km (10-15 minutes on walk);
NOTAM and flying rules

As the flight area of San Giuliano Terme is located within the CTR Zone 1 of Pisa Airport it is paramount for all the pilots to play by the following rules:

  • flight activity is allowed only inside of the NOTAM area;
  • the NOTAM must be in “Open” status (check it at this page)
  • each pilot must stay away from the Air Corridor RNAV22L. It is very close to the NOTAM, and it is an exclusive pathway for aircraft that are landing at Pisa international Airport;
  • a radio on the CIM frequency is mandatory (frequencies: 433.625 MHz, LPD ch. 23; CTCSS: 146.200 Hz, subch. 23)
  • once in flight, it is mandatory to comply with the general flight rules (see image) and pay special attention to student pilots;
  • red smoke flares at landing and/or at take off site signal emergency traffic: you must land at once.

Flying in San Giuliano does not present technical issues and so it is suitable for pilots with little experience. Indeed, the Monti Pisani usually offer both a thermal and a dynamic flight. In the afternoon, a constant breeze usually flows from the sea quadrants allowing a nice and easy flight over the hill slopes for all pilots.

In the summer thermal activity starts from 11 in the morning, while in the evening a breeze from the sea allows you to stay airborne until sunset. During the winter season it would be better to fly in the central hours of the day.

Cross-country flights are allowed up to the Ripafratta hill, located at the northern end of the NOTAM area. The flying area offers several fields that can be used as emergency landing. Please stay out of the crop fields and, in case of an off-field landing, move away as quickly as possible without causing damages.

Before reaching takeoff, please contact the members of our association to have all the information and carry out the flight in the utmost serenity.

Foreign flying schools

The CIM does not deal directly with student pilots or foreign flight schools, so before carrying out flight teaching activities in San Giuliano it is necessary to contact the local flight school. For any further information, please get in touch with us.

Below is the current status of the NOTAM. Flight activity is only permitted with “Open” status.

Take-Off Area
How to reach it

The takeoff can be reached easily following the asphalt road to the parking area of farmhouse Borgo degli Aranci. Leave there your car and continue on foot following the signs “CIM Parapendio” (about 10 min on walk).

There is a shuttle van service that starts from the official landing. The cost is 5 euros per person or 2 euros for carring the bag only.


Grassy takeoff located at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level large enough to accommodate up to three paragliders. It does not present technical difficulties, so it is also particularly suitable for pilots with less experience.

The take-off area is facing westward and it is possible to fly with winds from SSW to WNW. Caution must be used with particularly angled winds from South or North.

Normally, there is a good front breeze coming from the sea as early as 11 am. The breezes may intensify in the middle hours of the day, and then it tends to gradually drop during the afternoon. We advise pilots to be careful of the wind intensity as the take-off is located inside a narrow valley.


43.77838 10.44040

43°46’42″N 10°26’25″E

Quota: 330mt ASL

Esposizione: SSW, W, WNW

Landing Area

The landing area is in front of the takeoff. The distance between them is about 1 km. Therefore, it is easily accessible with any type of glider (minimum efficiency 1:2.8). The grass field measures about 80 meters in length and 60 in width, a huge space to use, so the landing is very easy, and it is suitable for all kinds of pilots. The landing area has a wide parking lot. Bars and restaurants just a few meters away.

It gives the opportunity to land approaching from all four directions: north, south, east and west.

However, there are a railway line and an electric power line on both sides of the landing area, It is recommended to pay particular attention to the altitude disposal and landing stages, avoiding potentially dangerous maneuvers. It worth remarking that the landing area sizes allow safe landings for everyone.


43.77170 10.43130

43°46’18″N 10°25’53″E

Quota: 4m ASL

Hike and Fly

The distance and the difference in altitude from the landing area to the take-off are quite small. That is great! Indeed, you could practice active sport by reaching the take-off on foot. During the walk, you can see the hills’ shape, the gorgeous landscape, the weather condition and study the possible flight path in advance.

The trail is very easy because the difference in altitude from the starting to the ending point is just 330 m. No superlight stuff or advanced workouts are required to have fun and enjoy this beautiful hike and fly.

Since the distance from the landing to the take-off is just 3.5 km, the walking time is about 45 minutes.

Campsites and accommodation

Glamping “Il Pruno”: a camping with the comfort of a hotel

A great experience immersed in nature! Relax and sleep among palm trees, fruit trees and Mediterranean scrub, where you will find a barbecue area and a relaxation area equipped with chaise longue and armchairs. The whole area is accessible to people with disabilities as it has no architectural barriers.

The Glamping is only a 5-minute walk from the landing.

At Glamping you will find at your disposal four Mini Lodges Glamor, “Equipped and comfortable tents”, and a Maxi Lodge Glamor “More than a tent, as a real home”.

Services for Glamping guests:

  • water supply, electricity
  • toilets with hot showers and washbasins for the person, washing clothes with hot water
  • relaxation area in the green, barbeque area
  • free wi-fi in the common area
  • Pets Allowed

Glamping awaits you for a holiday in contact with nature at the foot of the Pisan mountains.

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